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How to Choose a Lancet

Monitoring your blood sugar is a normal part of managing diabetes. Collecting drops of blood each day isn't fun, but it doesn't have to be painful if you have the right lancet. Here's how to find one you don't mind using

Brand: Walmart carries a variety of lancets made by top manufacturers. Instead of sorting through the entire selection, you can search by brand to see only the lancets that will work with your device.

Gauge: Each lancet has a gauge number that indicates its size. A lancet with a lower number is larger and causes more pain than a lancet with a higher number.

Style: Lancet tips have either a needlepoint or blade shape. Needlepoint lancets usually have a higher gauge. Blade lancets make a small incision in the skin. If you have thick calluses on your fingers or poor circulation in your hands, you may need a blade lancet to gather enough blood.